About Love not Fear

Our world is changing rapidly, and protection for both people and the planet is at the forefront of our minds and agendas right now as integral participants of the human race.

On the flip side of this crisis:
How do we want the world to look? 
Which paths will we choose to lead us into a better brighter future? 
What lifestyle choices can we change to make a difference to all our people and the planet? 

With the notion that we can create and manifest our own realities through the belief in an imagined version of the world, what would happen if our positive collective visualizations outweighed the negative version of events cast upon us by the media? 

What is a digital community “vision board” ?

A simple online platform to host a collection of artistic submissions in the form of image, writing, video and audio, highlighting and displaying the responses, affirmations, dreams and desires of our local and global community – uniting people through positivity, creative healing action, and a desire for change. 



We’d love you to get involved, and submit your vision of the future