‘LOVE not FEAR’ is an open collaboration to create a digital community “vision board” of people’s hopes and visions of the new world; a place to plant the seeds and spread the message of the positive changes we want to see in our future through all creative mediums.

We invite contributions from artists, musicians, dancers, writers, illustrators, craftspeople and makers to create personal works in a positive response to the current global situation, and to counterbalance the destructive fear mongering spread by the mainstream corporate media. 

You can submit your Vision of the Future here, or browse the current works below.


Jez Wing – The Best Of Your Love
David Edwards – Beyond the lens
Kathryn Brooks – Cherry Heart
Kate Reilly James – Economy Class
Luciana Mercer – BLOSSOM
Ildiko Szabo – Pod is the Future
Stealing Sheep – Back in Zoom
How to Garden Like a Real Witch
Ragz Nordset – Don’t You Forget
Greg Gurner – To Those who didn’t make it
Sonia Bassey – Crossroads
Thamasha Samarasinghe – Small Grass Jewel Butterfly
Alessia Frescur
Mina Bihi – Lockdown Skies
Ad Finitum: The Invisible Choir
Big Limb Lady – Barbara Hepworth dreams of shapes
Luna – Lucent
Sarah Johns Music Party – Birds
Hampers to Help
Dogshow – Flight of Fancy
Thomas James Butler – Love Can Bring Up Fear From Way Down Low
Laura Kate Draws – Home
Emily Lansley – Alternate Squashy Reality
Cavendish Sound – Twenty Twenty Twenty
Jacques Malchance – ARPEOLOGIE
Georgina Wright – social distancing and togetherness
Chrissie Coleman – Gazing
ViceMoth and Venya – Bubble Ride
Toucan Tango – Peace Peace Peace
Katy-Anne Bellis – Manatee
Nick Branton – Sumi
Miriam Sakwa – Creation Myth
Peter Boyd
Movema – World In A Box
Angie Waller – Nana Funk
Just the Good News Please Podcast
The Grapes Band – Brasil
Greg Gurner – Sticky Ouse
Jennifer Moule – in love with Jeanne Moreau
Altar Pottery – In Bloom
Trev Fleming – Six Minutes
Abigail Twigg – Reconnecting with nature
Listen & Learn with Howard and Rob
Danny Ryder – Our NHS
Laura Brownhill – Discordia II
Love Weaver – Chakra Circuit
Gabriel Moreno
Mellowtone – Spread Love
Onur Orkut – Songs in the time of Isolation
Alexander Robertson